Reliable Technicians

This is a page with links to all the stuff I like to have on Windows Machines.

Open Office

A good free alternative if you do not have Microsoft Office.


This is a extraction program that support more then Winzip.


Just a web browser, you may want to stick with Internet explorer or go with Google Chrome.


It will probably install when you install Open Office. However, many software programs require a recent version.

Spybot Search and Destroy

The best in spyware removal. Remember to remove the check boxes to have it run all the time. Run scans manually and save computer power.


A good light weight audio player. Recently they have been trying to sell you on the newer versions with a bunch of extras. I like the older classic version.

VLC Player

This is a great program for playing videos. It is light weight and does exactly what you need with out all the extras.


You need flash installed for certain web sites to view cool content.

Microsoft Security Essentials

This is currently my favorite anti virus program. Although, I seem to change my opinion every few years, based on what works the best and gets rid of all the trouble.

Hijack This

Got a bunch of junk installed from visiting web sites. This will list and allow you to remove everything.

Adobe Acrobat

It's a must have program that allows you to open and read legal documents.