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Start up companies

Take the time and contact someone that you can count on. Ongoing support is one of our main goals as a company. Once your up and going, most companies leave you high and dry. My main mission is to make sure that you always have someone to ask questions even after the initial trouble is resolved.

Anywhere from small devices such as printers, to entire household networks. The answers, the people, and assistance are here. Friendly reliable technicians that will continue to work with you as time goes on.

If it's not me personally, I will still strive to make sure that my technicians up hold the highest social respect. Getting the trouble resolved is only half the battle. Our technicians will make a effort to extend all the common courtesies that you deserve. A family orientated atmosphere is important.

Feel free to sign up through the link above to start asking questions. If you are interested in more direct contact phone or E-mail is always welcome.

Phone (630)215-4506

Fax (630)393-1718


Always been thinking about starting a company and just haven't gone through with it? Do you have all the skills and the equipment? What you need is to simply setup and establish your company.

Get everything you need in one place. The first steps are easy, "registering your company." All that is required is a couple of ads and a form at the city. However, where do you go from there?

The answers are here. Just get in contact with us. I will personally sit down with you and get most stuff started with in hours. DBS can handle your book keeping, accounting, and legal information as needed. From there, I will help you get a idea on what your gonna need to get things rolling and people calling. It is gonna very, based on each individuals needs.

However, some basics tend to be setup of home/office network infrastructure. Determining what kind of back up and server needs you have, if any. Determining the length you want to go through to advertise your company. Setting up a company website is a good idea. At the very least, you will want to reserve your domain so that it is available to you and no one else.

We will develop logos, catalogs, trifolds, business cards and anything else you could want. I expect feedback and criticism. We will work with you on a regular basis to ensure that the materials are matching the ideals and vision you have for the company. Examples and previous work will be gone over to offer a view and idea of what it's gonna look like. Start the process now. The road to success is here and will cost very little to get started.

Custom databases


Open Source Servers

Family/Company websites

Buisness Cards, Trifolds, and flyers

Wired/Wireless network infrastructure